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Landlords & Rental Property Owners

Protect Your Rental Property

Your rented properties may become vacant without your knowledge. Be sure to take the action necessary to prevent cold weather damage to your valuable property.


Vacant Rental Properties

Apex Utilities will automatically bill property owners for any gaps in billing when a property is vacated. Property owners can save on the account activation fee by taking advantage of our Landlord Agreement. The Landlord Agreement establishes who the property owner is for each rental property. Access our Customer Advantage portal and complete the Landlord Agreement and we will waive the account activation fee when activating an account for a property owner.


Service Disconnection

During the winter season, if you wish to discontinue gas service to your property, we require your written authorization.

Please note while gas services are temporarily disconnected and/or meter is removed, the minimum daily charge applies while the gas is turned off or until service is permanently disconnected at your service site. This is because we must continue to operate and maintain our system whether you are using gas or not. A temporary disconnection becomes a permanent disconnection after twelve (12) months. At that point, we will stop applying the minimum daily charge.

To discontinue service to a property, access our Customer Advantage portal and complete the Service Disconnection Agreement form.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-866-222-2067.


Safety Tips