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Budget Payment Plan

Graph depicting example payments on a budget payment plan as compared to a standard bill

Seasonal highs and lows can throw a wrench in your monthly budget. Take control of your gas bill with our Budget Payment Plan and enjoy some predictability each month.

The Budget Payment Plan can help reduce your winter bills by spreading your total estimated annual billing over an 11-month period. The Budget Payment Plan season begins in July and your payments under the Plan are settled (trued-up) against your actual annual costs the following June, the twelfth month of the Plan. Once enrolled, you will be automatically re-enrolled the next season.

During the course of the budget season, your budget payment amount may be adjusted to avoid a large over or under-paid balance. This is done by calculating the difference between actual costs for service and your payments made since the start of the plan year and then factoring in adjustments for weather, rates and gas prices. Once we have a new estimate, we divide it by the number of months left in the plan year, less the settlement or true-up month. The result is your new budget plan amount.

Enroll today or contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-866-222-2067 to obtain more information.