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Alberta's Natural Gas Utility Industry

Natural Gas Distribution

Natural gas is safely delivered to your home or business by a gas distributor such as us, Apex Utilities. We own and operate the pipelines used to deliver warm, safe, reliable energy to you.

In addition to delivering natural gas, we: respond to natural gas emergencies on our distribution system; read our gas meters; operate a customer care centre; build new infrastructure; and alter or relocate pipelines, as needed.

Animation depicting natural gas moving from the producer to the distributor to your home

Purchasing Natural Gas

All customers in our franchise area will receive gas distribution (delivery) from us. However, you may purchase natural gas (the commodity) from a competitive retailer of your choice. If you have not signed an energy contract with a retailer, we will be your default supply provider. This means we will procure natural gas on your behalf and you will receive a utility bill from us.


Cost of Natural Gas

When you choose to receive default supply service, you pay no more or no less than the actual cost incurred to purchase natural gas, most of which is the cost of gas itself. The price of natural gas fluctuates on a day-to-day basis; therefore, we bill you at a forecasted price, plus or minus the actual costs for the prior billing period. 

Our energy rates are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) and we are not permitted to mark-up the price or make a profit on the gas supplied to you. We apply to the AUC for a rate approval each month. View our current Rates & Rate Riders.

If you have questions about Alberta’s natural gas utility industry, Contact Us or the Utilities Consumer Advocate.